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Essential EspanolEssential Español

Everything you need to know for your trip!

  • Learn key words & phrases for almost any situation.
  • Gain confidence for your trip, making your stay more rewarding and enjoyable.
  • Highly effective learning tool – listen and speak straight away!
  • Over 4 hours of audio with free transcripts for you to follow.
       (Transcripts will be emailed to you after purchasing MP3 tracks.)
  • Great value – 69p per track! 

Listening to these tracks will help you to ..

  • Consolidate and speed up your learning
  • Revise essential words and phrases

Previous purchasers of Essential Español have said ...

"These tracks are perfect for listening to in my car to and from work."

"My Spanish has improved no end just from a few minutes of listening every day"

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(Meeting & greeting, Asking for directions, Food shopping, In the bar or café, In a restaurant, Travelling by taxi, Driving & car hire, Hotel & campsite, Illness and Going out & entertainment.)

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Download all 35 tracks for just £9.99      

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 Spanish Phrase cardsSpanish Phrase Cards

These handy, colourful pocket-sized cards, grouped into key topics and tenses break down your language learning into easy to absorb, manageable steps.


  • Ideal to take to work, on the plane or even to the beach.
  • A simple, stress-free way to learn key words and phrases.
  • Colour-coded cards help you memorise different topics.
  • Easy to download and print straight away – only 70p per topic!

Previous purchasers say ...

"Reading the taxi and hotel phrase cards on the plane was a life-saver!"

"By reading the bar and restaurant cards on the beach, we were ready for a great night out!"

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Download the full set (12 topics) for £7.50

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Or Buy the full set of ready-made Phrase Cards (12 topics): £9.99 + P&P £3.50 (£13.49)


Spanish Verb cardsSpanish Verb Cards

  • Never be confused by Spanish verbs and tenses again!
  • Colour coded cards help you concentrate on one tense at a time.
  • Regular and irregular verbs are clearly set apart.
  • Download and print today – only 70p per tense!

A previous purchaser told us ...

"I used to find Spanish verbs and tenses so confusing - these cards make them so easy!"

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Download the full set (12 tenses) for £7.50

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Buy ready-made Verb Cards (12 tenses): £9.99 + P&P £3.50 (£13.49)


Fairy Tales in Spanish – Cuentos de hadas en español

Learn Spanish through fairy tales

Perfect for advanced learners or for reading to children

  • Improve your Spanish in an interesting and fun way by listening to classic fairy tales.
  • Well-known stories are read sentence by sentence in English followed by the Spanish.
  • Read along as you listen - (Full transcripts will be emailed to you free of charge after purchasing MP3 tracks.)
  • Each transcript contains English and Spanish text, including a glossary of key words.
  • Download each story for £1.49.

Listeners have told us ...

"I really enjoy listening to and reading these stories - such an effective way of learning!"

"Each time I listen, I understand a bit more."

"Reading along with the transcript definitely helps and the key word list is excellent!"

"A fantastic learning tool - muchísimas gracias!"

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Download all 20 stories for £13.99

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Buy an MP3 CD featuring all 20 stories plus full transcript and glossary: £14.99 + P&P £1.50 (£16.49)





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